Danube May 2009

The Danube from Passau to Vienna.There are six things you dream of on a cycling holiday: flat, smooth tarmac, beautiful scenery, easy navigation, delicious food, a welcoming bed and an enticing final destination. The Danube River has it all. Flowing thousands of miles through Europe down to the Black Sea, the Danube is one of the world”s majestic rivers, dividing nations, uniting them by trade and creating a perfect cycle route at the same time. It is a heady mix of history, landscape, wildlife and delicious beer and wine.

Beer gardens lie beside the trail, tempting you with morning tea, lunchtime beers and meals and afternoon cakes and coffee. All this and the glorious Danube sliding by may well seriously limit the number of miles cycled each day! Every 2 or 3 miles is a small village, each with several guesthouses welcoming weary cyclists with Austrian hospitality and fine food. A train line runs the whole way offering respite to those that need it. Continue reading “Danube May 2009”