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Canal du Midi

A cycle trip down the 350 year old Canal du Midi from Toulouse to the Mediterranean. A map with all the photos is here.

Bremen 0


Bikes Cycle local bike tracks – river side, country, village route, seaside all possible – Bremen has three green rings for cycling. Map of routes. Thu 10 Sep Blocklands 30 miles Thu, 10Sep09 Flight FR3637 Depart EDI...



A 5 day cycle through Roman, medieval and Moorish villages, a visit to a world heritage site and a couple of days in Madrid. Mountains, pine forests, rolling plains and dusty hills. Flights £60,...

Estonia 0


A visit to the baltic state of Estonia with it mix of Swedish, German and Soviet cultures. We tour the western islands locked in time since 1945 as a closed military area till 1989....


Ronda Nov 2011

A trip to the Ronda valley with its own microclimate in Andalucia. We are on the cusp of winter so warm clothes essential. Fairly hilly so short rides on quiet roads past orange groves, blanco pueblos. Rich...


Girona Nov 2009

Thu 12th Nov Fly to Girona. Thu, 12/11/2009 Flight 7354 Depart EDI at 1830 and arrive GRO at 2220 Stay in Youth Hostel for €18 each. Friday 13th Nov Get hire bikes. €55 each from Cicloturisme Medi...

Danube May 2009 0

Danube May 2009

The Danube from Passau to Vienna.There are six things you dream of on a cycling holiday: flat, smooth tarmac, beautiful scenery, easy navigation, delicious food, a welcoming bed and an enticing final destination. The...

Gothenburg Aug 2011 0

Gothenburg Aug 2011

We visit Gothenburg during its festival weekend. Ballet and carnival, street theater and symphony orchestra, cuisine and jazz, film and carousels, hip hop and dance bands, fairytale and circus, stand-up, and sculpture, design and...


Canal du Midi Toulouse Bordeaux March 2012

We cycle the canal du midi downhill from Toulouse to Bordeaux. The canal du midi links the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. The route has limited train availability all the way in case of bad...



We cycle the North East coast of Portugal through fishing villages, past castles and stay in walled towns. We will see fisher-women in traditional costume selling fish, sample the many kinds of Port, stay...